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We help craft a Genius Mind in Children's for Behaviour, Memory Focus & Concentration.

We coach adults in making them Legendary by way of Self-Leadership, Creativity, Innovation & Attracting Prosperity.

Genius Minds

We work closely with your child to understand the root cause of blockages effecting their Behavior, Studies and Career.

Rising to Legendary

Adults mainly face Stagnancy in life resulting in blockages in Finance & Relationships. We teach the process of Energy Medicine on how to dissolve the stagnancy blockage from the root and core.

Energy Medicine

At Cosmic Grid, we share and train on the advance processes of removing our internal Energy Blockages and how Not to create such blockages in future. The internal energy blockages determine what we attract in life – Opportunities or Challenges in Health, Wealth & Relationships

Trust Us

We are here to help as Energy Medicine Life Coach

"Future medicine will be the medicine of Frequencies" - Albert Einstein

“Future of medicine will be based on controlling energy in body" - William Tiller, Ph.D. Stanford University, Nobel Laureate

An Energy Medicine Life Coach can help if your Child is unable to concentrate in studies, has anger, sadness & high sensitivity, remains disturbed, unable to express, low confidence, unable to get along with Parents & others and is stubborn. Energy Medicine is an ancient modality of understanding and dissolving the behavioural issues from the root.

Also, If you are looking forward to come out of the Stagnant & Confused Life or you find yourself going down the spiral on finances, relationships & Health and see no way to break the pattern and have lost the purpose of Life, then its an clear indication that you need a helping hand of an Energy Medicine Life Coach.

Why Choose Us?

We are well-experienced Energy Medicine Life Coach with 21 Years of Experience For Young Minds and Adults.

  • Integrated Medicine Approach
  • Modern Western Medicine with Energy Medicine
  • Less drug dependent health
  • Honesty & Openness
  • Dedicated Team with Online / Offline modes
  • Practical Approach
  • Multiple Energy Medicine Experience Centers


Energy medicine process benefitted me to know my own self and what is causing worry, stress & anxiety within me. The process of Energy Medicine led me to release my deeper levels of fear which I was holding unknowingly which were giving me worry, anxiety and stress. Discovering a new self within me leading to path of peace, calmness and ecstacy. As a result the most important aspect of relationship has been improving to a larger extent. Thanks to Energy Medicine for the Stress-and Worry-free life.
Preeti Puthran
Educationist (Mumbai)

Energy Medicine helped me know the source from where the issues were arising in my life. The incidents which happened in my childhood were creating the blockages in manifesting and by the way of guided process of Energy Medicine, I was able to identify them and dissolve the blockages which changed my own Energy dynamics thereby changing my present reality thereby now attracting right people, places, and situations in my life.

Shailesh L Dalvi
Advocate (Mumbai)

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