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"If You want to find the Secrets of the Universe think in terms of Energy, Frequency & Vibrations" - Nicola Tesla

Cosmic Holistic Healing - Cosmic Grid was founded in the year 2016 by Sachin Vaidya & Dr. Nasiem Alwani with a mission to provide an integrated medicine approach combining Modern Western Medicine and Energy Medicine for peak Health, faster recovery, and less drug-dependent Health.

Our Team

Dr. Nasiem Alwani


Dr. Nasiem Alwani  MBBS, DA (Bombay) is a Registered Medical Practitioner presently working as General Practitioner (Family Physician) since 1994 and having diverse experience working in large Govt. Hospitals and Private Institutions in Anesthesia and General Practice. Also, for the last 20 years, along with medical practice integrating Holistic Modality for the betterment of the patients like Energy Medicines, Meditations, Diets, Yoga, and Counselling.

Sachin S Vaidya


Sachin S Vaidya is a former Executive Vice President,  Chief of Technology & Chief of Information Security from an Indian Public Listed Company & turned into a Leadership Coach from 2016 onwards. Sachin has a background in Electronics and Video Engineering with a degree in Business Management and has worked extensively in large corporates giving Technology Direction & Mentoring in Global Roles.

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