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Genius Minds Coaching Kids for New Era with Excellence by Energy Medicine

Build the future for new generation, flawlessly handling their emotions & their career by right choices & decisions, achieving success, happiness, good health in their life. Every action and behavior of Child has an underlying base emotion. 

  • Every child has its own load of emotional baggage’s of self
  • The Emotional baggage is also picked up from Parents / Society behavior
  • The emotional baggage causes emotional disturbance and so behavior of child changes.
  • Energy Medicine process helps to release disturbance causing emotions
  • Helping Child to improve on Academics, Memory, Focus & Concentration

Rising to Legendary – Training Adults to overcome Stagnancy by Energy Medicine​

Energy Medicine is a process of releasing the stagnant energy blockages. These internal energy blockages within and outside physical body invite tougher life situations blocking the prosperity and giving relationship struggle

  • Using Energy Medicine once can understand as to how the internal blockage came from – i.e., understanding the source.
  • Once the source of Energy Blockage is known it becomes easy to eliminate & dissolve the blockage by Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Overview – A choice to get free from all Limitations​

At Cosmic Grid, we are share and train on the advance processes of removing our internal Energy Blockages and also how *not* to create such blockages in future.

  • Energy Blockages within invites more challenging situations
  • Health, Wealth & Relationship, Career gets impacted
  • Unless the internal energy blockages and knots are not removed, outside situations continues to be the same.
  • Energy Medicine Offers a structured way getting free from Energy Blockages & attract good Health, Wealth, Relationships and Career.

eLearning – Learning Management Platform​

At Cosmic Grid, we strive to give best possible solution to complex life situations. Our eLearning platform at elearning.cosmicgrid.in provides the recorded sessions and knowledge base for participants after enrollment.

Your choices defines your
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